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£ 169.00
A great all round mechanical machine for beginners, the 2200XT is very simple to use, with only 2 dials (stitch selection and length) needed to operate it. With 22 built in stitches plus an automatic 4-step buttonhole it gives great versatility
£ 199.00
An excellent machine for beginners or occasional sewers looking for a straightforward mechanical machine. It has 16 utility stitches for general sewing, plus 2 decorative stitches, and automatic 4-step buttonhole and needle threader functions
£ 239.00
The J3-20 is an upgraded version of the J3-18, with 16 utility stitches plus 4 decorative stitches, plus automatic 1-step buttonhole and automatic needle threader functions. A great straightforward all round mechanical machine
£ 279.00
Top of the mechanical J3 series, the J3-24 offers variable stitch width and length, allowing maximum benefit from the 16 utility and 8 decorative stitches. It also has an automatic 1-step buttonhole and needle threader, plus hard cover for protection
The 725S mechanical machine has features to enhance your sewing, whether you are a beginner or have more experience. It has 25 stitches inc. 1-step buttonhole, extra high foot lift for thicker fabrics, needle threader, quick set bobbin and hard cover
£ 399.00
The computerised 230DC allows you to change stitches and settings at the touch of a button. It is light enough to carry to classes, and offers 30 stitches and 3 one-step buttonholes as well as auto needle threader and quick set bobbin.
£ 419.00
This sturdy metal machine has a good range of stitches and features to cope with all general sewing tasks and is robust enough for heavy use. The information window will advise on stitch width and length settings and the correct foot to use.
£ 429.00
The computerised 360DC is a big sister to the popular 230DC model, with 60 stitches including 7 styles of 1-step buttonhole. It has a Superior Feed System to feed fabric smoothly, an extension table for larger projects, and plenty of useful features
A high spec computerised model with 60 stitches (inc. 6 one-step buttonholes). The 7 Piece Superior Feed System (SFS+) gives great fabric control, and the extension table and bonus quilting foot set give great value for money and versatility
£ 529.00
Such an easy to use machine! Each of the 30 stitches has its own illuminated selection key, and it has many great features including Janome’s new easy set bobbin system, Superior Feed System (SFS+) 7 piece feed dog & a special “stitch elongation” feature
Complete simple and complex sewing projects with this useful machine. A choice of 40 stitches (20 with direct selection) and 3 buttonholes, plus auto-lock stitch, start/stop button, stitch elongation & SFS feed system make the Sewist 740DC a great choice
Janome’s M Series delivers more than the average machine. QDC stands for Quilting-Décor-Couture; the M50 QDC with 50 stitches & bonus accessory pack has all you need to create beautiful things
The DKS 100SE is so easy to use but has features which help you to do so much. The most popular 10 of its 100 stitches, plus 4 buttonholes, are selected directly via buttons. There’s a stitch elongation feature, plus a knee lifter which quilters will love
The 780DC is a great machine to help you achieve sewing success in a wide range of projects. It has 80 built in stitches (20 with direct selection), start/stop button, auto-cutter, stitch elongation, adjustable foot pressure and SFS feed system.
£ 649.00
Janome’s M Series delivers more than the average machine. The M100 QDC (Quilting-Décor-Couture) has 100 stitches inc.7 buttonholes, 7 appliqué & 9 satin stitches, + bonus accessory foot pack
Janome’s M Series delivers more than the average machine. The M200 QDC (Quilting-Décor-Couture) has 200 stitches inc.12 buttonholes, 11 appliqué & 13 satin stitches + bonus accessory foot pack
Ideal for beginners or more experienced sewers, its 270 stitches include 12 buttonholes, 100 letters/numbers/symbols and 88 European letters. 3 optic magnifiers let you see detailed work clearly, and there's even a knee lift & bonus quilting foot pack
The Atelier 3 can take your sewing to the next level. A large work area makes it ideal for large projects eg quilts. It has 120 stitches including 2 alphabets & 7 buttonholes, and many features such as Superior Feed System (SFS+), auto cutter & drop feed
Industrial quality dedicated straight stitch flatbed machine, the latest model in the Janome Professional Series. The ideal machine for the serious sewing enthusiast who wants a precise quality stitch at double the normal speed.
£ 1,299.00
The Atelier 6 has a large work area ideal for large projects eg quilts. It has 196 stitches including 4 alphabets & 10 buttonholes, and many features such as One Step™ Plate Converter and Superior Feed System (SFS+), auto cutter and drop feed