Janome has promotions on several machines until 3rd June

  • The J3-18 is reduced by £20 -an excellent mechanical machine for beginners or occasional sewers
  • The computerised 230DC (with 30 stitches)  and 360DC (with 60 stitches) are reduced by £40 each and make great machines for those looking to extend their skills
  • The M50 QDC and M200 QDC are each reduced in price by £50 - QDC stands for Quilting-Décor-Couture and the M series sewing and quilting machines really deliver! The 5270 QDC, with 270 stitches is reduced by an amazing £100
  • The DKS30 SE is reduced by £30 and comes with a free quilting accessory kit worth over £100
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  • 230dc
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  • The Atelier series machines can take your sewing to the next level - each machine comes with a free quilting accessory kit worth over £200. In addition to this the Atelier 3 is reduced by £70, the Atelier 6 is reduced by £180, and the Atelier 7 has an amazing £200 price reduction!
  • Janome's 2000CPX coverstitch machine is reduced by £50, and their CoverPro 3000 Professional coverstitch machine is reduced by £100.

Brother April/May offers

Brother has promotions on seven machines for April and May

  • The Luminaire Innov-is XP3 is a top-spec sewing, embroidery and quilting machine. It currently comes with a free trolley bag set worth £359, plus a £600 Sweet Pea embroidery voucher.
  • The sleek and stylish Innov-is F540e is the perfect embroidery-only machine for those who want a compact, yet powerful embroidery partner. Its 193 embroidery patterns can be yours for £1099 (a saving of £100).
  • The Innov-is V3LE embroidery-only machine has a  300 x 200 mm embroidery area, and comes with 2 hoops and an LED pointer foot, plus 224 embroidery designs. During this promotion you can save £400 (now £1999)
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  • The Entrepreneur PR1x single-needle embroidery machine is designed with the small business in mind. It has an expansive 300 x 200mm embroidery area, stitching speeds of 1000 stitches per minute, and 495 embroidery patterns. It currently comes with the VRPRNSTD machine stand, worth £423.99.
  • The 3034DWT overlocker wil give a professional finish (including decorative edges) on the hems and edges of a wide range of fabrics. It  costs £349 and comes with a free machine bag worth £29.99.
  • At £249 the Innov-is SH40 sewing machine with its 40 stitches is perfect for creative beginners or those simply looking for a straightforward machine for a variety of sewing projects. It currently comes with a useful machine bag worth £29.99.
  • The Innov-is A65 sewing machine is built to last and suitable for all types of sewing, with 60 stitches, many helpful features, and a hard case. It's on promotion with a saving of £50 (now £449)

Bernina April offer

The Bernina 735 is a perfect machine for dressmaking, embroidery and quilting. With 29 quilting stitches in its 1255 stitch patterns, it offers pinpoint accuracy and an extended freearm with 10" of working space to the right of the needle, giving you lots of room for large projects. There’s also a slide-on freearm extension table that adds room and support around the needle, and it comes with many other accessories including the Bernina walking foot and Free Hand System (knee lifter)

In addition to a price reduction of £200, during April the B 735 comes with the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) (which usually costs £675) to help you achieve excellent free-motion results.

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  • B735

The hallmark of excellence in free-motion work is the ability to keep the stitch length even and consistent as the fabric is guided without the help of the feed dogs.  The Bernina Stitch Regulator eliminates the difficult task of managing the fabric movement, giving excellent results even for beginners to free-motion techniques. For more experienced free-motion stitchers, the BSR  provides the confidence to try more challenging free-motion techniques. You can concentrate exclusively on your creativity, sewing both straight and zigzag free-motion stitches on all fabrics.

The Bernina 735 is available with a saving of £200 plus a free Bernina Stitch Regulator worth £675 until 30th April 2024.

Bernina Accessory Of The Month

Bernina's April Accessory of the Month is the Ruffler #86 / 86V - available at 15% off.

The Rullfer #86 / #86V creates ruffles, gathers and uniform pleats with ease. You can set a pleat every stitch, every 6th stitch or every 12th stitch (with the additional option of sewing without pleating). Pleat depth can also be varied using the adjusting screw on the foot.

The result: neat, even gathering and pleats on home furnishings or garments. See this Bernina video tutorial on how to use Ruffler #86 / #86V to create beautiful results.

*please check machine compatibility to ensure you buy the correct version of the Ruffler for your machine.

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  • AofM April 2024