Horn Furniture - Exeter Sewing Machine Company

We are a Horn Furniture Super-Centre and have a good display of Horn sewing cabinets.

When you purchase furniture from Horn, you can expect the best in service and craftsmanship. Unless otherwise stated Horn furniture is delivered fully assembled by their own drivers*, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Horn sewing cabinet offers an attractive, practical and ergonomic setup for your sewing machine. It provides stylish storage for your sewing essentials while ensuring comfortable posture whle sewing. By utilising the air-lifter (Horn’s elevating platform) you can sew with utmost comfort. The flatbed position aligns the feed of your machine with the table, allowing smooth fabric movement and relieving strain on your back and neck. It also prevents material from pulling to the side. Horn also produces craft tables and chairs. All sewing cabinet prices include one insert unless otherwise stated.

Please visit the Horn official website for accurate photographs of the colour options. We also have samples of the various colours here in the shop.

*Please note that due to delivery being directly from Horn themselves, there is a delivery period of up to 28 days. Please contact us with any queries regarding this.