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Maraflex is the elastic sewing thread for household sewing machines. It creates elastic seams using straight stitch - without an overlock or coverlock sewing machine.

With a seam stretch of up to 80%, this sewing thread is particularly flexible. It is perfect for sewing light to medium-weight knitwear and elastic woven fabrics, such as jersey or fabrics with elastane. It's ideal for sewing around necklines or tight seams, and stretch cuffs. Trimming is no longer necessary on non-fraying fabrics: simply cut off the seam allowance close to the edge – and that is it.

Maraflex should be sewn with a low thread tension and used as both the needle and bobbin thread. This allows the seam to expand optimally at a later stage. The best seam elasticity is achieved with four stitches per centimetre. A Jersey or Stretch needle in size 70, 75 or 80 is recommended.

Maraflex has been produced using Micro Core Technology®, a unique microfilament polyester-based core spun technology. This production process makes Maraflex a particularly high-quality sewing thread.