Aurifil Cotton 50wt - Exeter Sewing Machine Company

Aurifil Cotton 50wt - Your best piecing thread

Aurifil's Cotton 50wt is the perfect choice for piecing and helps you to achieve a scant quarter-inch seam. The fine nature of the thread also allows it to blend with your fabric, making your stitch-in-the-ditch sewing almost invisible.




We love using Aurifil Cotton 50wt for...

Machine Piecing: Gives a great result with a nice flat seam every time. Helps you achieve your perfect quarter-inch seams.

Machine Quilting: Perfect for stitch-in-the-ditch because the fine weight allows the stitches to become almost invisible. Also fantastic for quilting that creates texture when you don’t necessarily want to see the quilting lines as a main feature, and for detailed machine quilting.

Hand Applique: Ideal for all types of hand applique, including needle turning. The 50wt is fine enough to create almost invisible stitches when desired.

Hand Piecing: A great weight for hand piecing.