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Aurifil has taken the quilting world by storm! Widely regarded as the best quality cotton thread available, it's made from Long Staple Egyptian cotton and double mercerised to create a lustrous appearance.

An excellant choice for both machine and hand quilting, Aurifil is made in several different weights to suit various projects.

If you can't see the colour you're looking for, or would like to place a special order, please contact us. You can read more about Aurifil and why it's so special at the bottom of this page.

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What's the Buzz about Aurifil?

The Origin of the Raw Materials

Aurifil's Cotton Mako thread is made of 100% Mercerised Long Staple Egyptian Cotton. It is very important to pick the best cotton seeds, because this will affect the quality of the cotton itself. The cotton is best grown in humidity and heat, which influences the development of the harvest. The limited production of Extra Long Staple cottons, particularly the ones suitable for cotton Mako, enhances its exclusivity.

The Twist

Twist is the force that consolidates the fibres and piles of the thread. If the twist is too low the yarns may fray and break. If it is too high, the resulting liveliness in thread may cause snarling, looping and knots. After much research and examination, Aurifil has found the best processing to avoid these kinds of mishaps, to the great satisfaction of quilters.

The Weight

The yarn count expresses the thickness of the yarn. The yarn count number indicates the length of the yarn in relation to the weight. Aurifil cotton is available in various weights in order to cover all your needs.

The Dye

Before dying, Aurifil is mercerised. Mercerisation is a treatement for thread that's used to give cotton a lustrous appearance. It also removes all impurities and fuzz, increases strength and affinity to dye, gives resistance to mildew and reduces lint. Cotton with long staple fibre lengths respond best to mercerisation.

Oeko-Tex Standards

Aurifil thread is passed for harmful substances, according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. OekoTex Certification is an International synonym for responsible textile production. Aurifil follows the standards throughout the textile manufacturing chain right from the cotton in the fields to the Aurifil thread on your machine.