£45 for a one-day class, 10am - 4pm

shimmering leaves

Use fabric crayons, wooden blocks and/or real leaves and organza to create a shimmering panel of leaves in this full-day workshop taught by textile artist and tutor Jan Tillett.

Please make sure that you bring the following items along to class:

  • sewing machine, including all its accessories, feet and manual
  • a darning or free motion embroidery foot
  • a variety of sewing machine needles
  • sewing kit, including paper and fabric scissors, pins, tailor's chalk, etc.
  • notebook and pen/pencil
  • baking parchment and kitchen roll
  • a wooden kebab stick (if you have one)
  • wooden (leaf) printing blocks (if you have any - can be borrowed from the teacher)
  • fabric crayons (if you have any - can be borrowed from the teacher)

You will also need the following MATERIALS to create your shimmering leaves panel: 

  • 1/2 meter of calico
  • 1/2 meter of stitch-and-tear
  • a variety of organzas in your chosen colours
  • 30cm square of felt
  • machine embroidery threads - rayon and metallic
  • bits and pieces of shiny fabric, ribbon, net, lace, etc.
  • 30cm square of black or white Mistyfuse (can be bought from the teacher on the day for £1)
  • Angelina fibres (can be bought from the teacher for £2.50 per pack)

All of the above materials can be bought on the day from either our shop, or the teacher.

If you have any questions regarding tools or materials to bring to class, please don't hesitate to speak to us. 

To find out more about Jan Tillett's workshops, visit her website at

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