Our Class Offer

At Exeter Sewing Machine Company LTD, we pride ourselves on getting you off to the best start with your new machine. That's why we offer a free or half-price full-day class with every machine purchased from us.

Class Offer F.A.Q.

Will the class be free or half-price?

When you purchase a machine from us costing £349 or more, your class will be free. If the machine is less than £349, the class will be half the standard price.

Which class do I receive?

The class you will receive for either free or half-price is our flagship 'Know Your Sewing Machine' class.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or have many years of experience, the aim of the class is to get you confident on your new machine.

Does the class offer only apply to sewing machines?

No! If you purchase an overlocker from us, you will receive a free or half-price 'Overlocking for Beginners' class.

If you purchase an embroidery machine from us, you will be entitled to our beginners 'Computerised Machine Embroidery' class. If you purchase a sewing and embroidery machine from us, you will be entitled to both the 'Know Your Sewing Machine' and the beginners 'Computerised Machine Embroidery' classes.

The offer for overlocker and embroidery machine classes works in exactly the same way. If you purchase an overlocker costing £349 or more, this class will be free. If the overlocker costs less than £349, the class will be half-price.

How long does the offer last?

The offer of a free or half-price class is valid for 12 months after the machine is purchased.

Please let us know if the machine is being purchased as a gift which will not be received immediately after purchase.

How do I book my place?

You can check the dates of the class on our class brochure, available to download on our Sewing Classes page.

Simply telephone the shop at 01392 275660 to book your place. Have your invoice number ready so that we know the machine was purchased from us.