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A Look Inside.....Bernina Carolyn Godber

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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of one of the UK's biggest sewing machine company, Bernina UK? We were lucky enough to find Carolyn Godber, a Bernina UK sewing expert and educator.IMG_8068

What brought you to work in the sewing machine industry?

A love of sewing at home.


What does the typical working day at Bernina involve?

No such thing as a typical day - every day is different! With a wide range of machines and the varied abilities of customers, you can never predict what you will face in a day.


What’s your favourite product from Bernina?

The new S590 machine.


What’s your top tip for choosing your dream machine?

Always consider what your requirement will be in five years’ time – never buy for the present.


What’s your favourite part of being involved in the quilting community? Any memorable moments.

The friendship bonds developed when designing and sewing together.


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