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A Look Inside... Winbourne Fabric

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Inbetween looking at sample books and swatches of new fabric collections we managed to pin down Steve Bennett from Winbourne Fabrics, our highly experienced Moda UK representative, and ask him a few questions... 


Hi Steve! Thanks for chatting with us, so how did you come to work in the crafty industry?

I have always been a "Rep" in the retail sector, for 30 years now! I was in papercraft before getting into the patchwork and quilting industry, now I've been here for 9 years. I worked 5 years with a competitor and then Moda asked me if I'd like to work for them. 

So what does a typical working day for a fabric rep involve?

Journey planning is the hardest thing I do, making appointments in one area so I dont end up criss-crossing the country! Also making sure I have the right samples for the right customers.

Do you have any creative hobbies? Has anything ever tempted you over to the craft side?

I play guitar, I have since the age of 14/15. But no sorry, I'm not crafty.

What's your favourite part of being involved with the quilting community? Any memorable moments?

It's a nice industry to be in. Passionate people who love what they do, and thankfully my fabric! Lots of memorable moments with customers - but most will have to stay with me! I couldn't repeat them! But being presented with "Best Brand" for the sixth year running was a nice surprise. 

If you were to design a fabric collection, what would be the theme and what would you call it?

It would be something bright and bubbly, I would call it "Keep Smiling".  


Click here to see the amazing fabrics that Steve brings us! 



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